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Our off-the-shelf courses, listed to the right, are based on actual experience and have been attended by hundreds of delegates spread across four continents.  All are accompanied by comprehensive, clearly-written notes for future reference.  Selections from some of the notes can be downloaded to give an idea of the coverage and style.

Even with standard courses, no two presentations are the same.  Our experienced and knowledgeable presenter adjusts the emphasis and the content to suit the audience.  Customised and combined courses are also available - please contact us with your requirements. 

We are also able and willing to deliver system-specific courses, and have done so in many countries taking local regulations into account.


Flow measurement training
  • Introduction to Flow Metering Systems

  • Flow Metering Calculations

  • Measurement Uncertainty and Metrology

  • Data Communiction for Flow Measurement

  • Advanced Excel for Flow Measurement and Metrology

  • Flow Measurement Auditing

  • Instrumented Safety Systems


We witness calibrations and acceptance tests and perform site audits for a variety of clients up to national regulator level.  Like some auditing companies, we know the theory and the standards.  Unlike most, we can send people who have run flow laboratories and FATs themselves.

We know all the tricks, and invented some of them.  We know the mistakes, because we have made them ourselves.  Our approach to problems is not to run away and write a report.  We work constructively with the host organisation to achieve the required results.

We do not spend days on site checking that the software has not rusted, because we know that software does not rust.  We check the things that we know cause probelms in real life, including staff skills and procedures.

Inspection and Auditing

Auditing and Inspecting flow metering systems

Finding good engineers is difficult enough.  Finding engineers who can write clearly is even more of a challenge.  We have long experience of producing clear, self-consistent technical documents.  Our documents look clean and are easy to maintain, and our PDFs are fully linked.

Whether you need a specification, a company standard or a manual we know what to do.  Our fully customised, detailed and informative operating and maintenance procedures are in use on many sites.  We have even built intranet sites for our clients to give easy access to procedures and other information about their systems.

We are happy to support procedures or standards with training and coaching as required.

Technical Writing

  • Standards

  • Requirements specifications

  • Functional design specifications

  • Test specifications

  • Manuals

  • Operating and Maintenance procedures

  • Instrument datasheets

flow measurement technical authors

Precision flow measurement brings together many engineering disciplines.  It is not enough just to understand the capabilities (and limitations) of the many types of flow meter now available.
Depending on the application, the meters will need to be supported by meter provers, samplers and/or analysers in the field.  The resulting data will be processed by dedicated flow computers, running calculations that are a field of study in themselves.  All this has to be done within the requirements of the appropriate standards, the local certifying body, and the supply agreement - and demonstrably so. 


Once the equipment is installed, effective operating and maintenance procedures need to be put in place, supported by training where necessary.  Intervention from independent and competent engineers during testing and on site helps to ensure that all is going well.

We can assist at every stage of the process.  Please explore the links on the left or scroll down for details.


More generally, we are able to provide interim management in any organisation, especially those involved in process control or calibration.


The picture on the right was taken in our workshop. Tucked out of sight are some legacy flow computers such as a Solartron 7951.  We can do flow computers, and we have the skills and test facilities to do them properly.  


If you need flow computer configurations, including any necessary customisation, we can help.  We audit flow computers far more comprehensively and efficiently than people who only look at the surface.


We have good relationships with most of the main flow computer suppliers.  We know the products well, and we know who to talk to.  When we encounter problems with flow computer firmware, we send a clear and constructive fault report to the manufacturer and work with them to produce a quick and robust solution. 

Flow Computers

  • Emerson S600

  • Krohne Summit 8800

  • Omni 3000/6000/7000

  • Spirit IT Flow-X

  • Alderley E2000

  • Daniel Micro 5000 / 2500

  • Solartron 79 series / Polar FC series

flow computer configuration

Technical Calculations

  • Uncertainty calculations in accordance with The GUM

  • Prover and meter sizing to MPMS Chapter 4 & 5

  • Thermowell resonance to ASME PTC 19.3 TW

  • Flow calculation checking

  • Pressure drop

  • Gas sample conditioning and sample lag

  • Liquid sample mixing calculations to ISO 3171

  • Multivariate regression analysis

We have wide experience of the specialist calculations used in flow measurement. Dozens of successful systems in the field attest to our ability to get them right.  If you would like us to originate calculations, train you to do them in-house, or check calculations by others just ask.

We have provided uncertainty calculations for several of the better-known system integrators over the years.  We are able to provide fully-formatted documents in accordance with The GUM, or just a quick check.

In addition to the usual calculations (see right), we are able to perform multivariate regression analysis, including multiple non-linear functions.  We have used this technique to create density equations for non-standard fluids, and to process proving data.

Flow meaurement calculations